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Body's Energy Flow

Manifestation or creation is the conscious co-creation of our reality. We create or co-create all the time, even in our sleep. We create every moment and everything that happens to us.

We can see the foundations for creating as a circle with many front doors. If we wish to create the energy flow, we need to keep all the doors open and clean so that the energy can flow through. It isn't enough to only keep one door open. If we meditate eight hours a day, or if we only eat healthy food, it doesn't mean our body has a good energy flow. For energy flow to be good, all doors must be open. We do this slowly; we practice and upgrade. Eventually, it becomes a habit, and then we don't need to think about it anymore, it becomes automatic just like breathing. This is how we learn new habits and open more doors which leads us to greater success in creating. Every time the door closes, it has to be reopened.

The better the body's energy flow is, the stronger our energy becomes, and we can consciously co-create with ease. We throw a large boomerang away and it returns to us in all its greatness. These are the rules of the Universe that apply to everyone. They must be made aware and respected.

If we want to open many doors, we must realize that everything that happens in our body is a biochemical reaction that can be physically explained. With practice, we can learn new habits and after 21 days, these habits become rooted and we don't need to pay so much attention to them anymore. We need to maintain our habits and make sure to keep the doors open.

Foundations that need to be strong are:

  1. Air - it is important to breathe fresh air, and that our body gets enough oxygen by spending time in nature. We air the enclosed spaces as much as possible and we stay outside as often as possible. Air is one of the basic things we have to take into account when it comes to energy flow.

  2. Water - it is important to drink clean and living water. There is chlorine in tap water which destroys microorganisms in our body.

  3. Healthy Food - meat and animal products greatly reduce vibration and block energy flow. The transition to healthy plant-based nutrition should be slow, otherwise, it could be a huge shock to the body. Over time, we develop flavors that bring us a new dimension in cooking. Besides, we don't cause suffering because animals don't have to die. The food must be organic without pesticides and herbicides because just like chlorine in the water it is killing the cells in our bodies and subsequently killing us. When people start to demand more organic food, it will be available at a more affordable price. We can also use superfoods that help us strengthen our body's energy structure.

  4. Sleep - the body should be able to rest in order to function normally, so sleep is essential.

  5. Cleanliness - the place we live in must be clean. If we clean with positive energy and the desire to keep the place clean longer, the dust will settle less, the windows will stay clean for a long time.

  6. Meditation - we know many different methods of meditation, and we choose the one that suits us best. Everyday exercise is also important here as we connect with ourselves and find inner peace.

  7. Crystals - the crystals, when used properly in the room, help us raise the energy.

Two things are especially important when it comes to energy flow:

  • Thoughts with which we create subconsciously. If we think negatively about someone, this person can feel the negativity, and as a result, the boomerang returns to us in a negative way. Negative thoughts don't necessarily come from malice and envy, they're often the product of some blockage, trauma, and internal pain. It is important to train ourselves to think positive thoughts. If we detect a negative thought, we either send it into white light or intentionally delete it, so it doesn't go energetically into the ether.

  • At all times we need to ask ourselves and raise awareness of what doesn't suit us. When we find out what that is, we try to go through the emerging pain to find a pattern, story, or trauma and we release it. If we don't do this, we are only sweeping things under the carpet. Over time, a large pile of repressed things builds up which shows as physical burnout, stress, illness, etc.

If we feel that pain is coming, we are aware of it and we say: ‘’I am giving up the need for that pain’’. If the pain reappears, we need the help of a therapist because the pain is our deeply inherited belief.


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