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Crystal Kingdom

Under its surface, the Earth is composed entirely of rocks and minerals.

Mother Earth as a living organism provides a balanced spectrum of energies that support all life on Earth. Not just people but all living creatures, from the tiniest bacteria to the largest living animal (blue whale), and all in between.

Crystals are supposed to be the lowest life form on Earth, but that is why they are so pure, connected to their original source of energy.

Many crystals have formed with the creation of Earth. They were preserved with its evolution and will stay on Earth for the rest of its existence. For thousands of years, people have been using crystals for all sorts of purposes: from jewelry making, interior decoration, religious objects, natural color base, precision in the functioning mechanism of clocks to various healing devices. We will focus mainly on the area of healing.

Every crystal has its own spirit and therefore it is important that we treat crystals nicely and respectfully, just as we would any other living being. We should treat crystals like we treat our friends, colleagues. They are not our slaves or tools we use to achieve our goals. We should look at our relationship with crystals as our colleagues or helpers and not as our slaves or tools that we use to achieve our goals.

Each crystal has its own chemical structure and its own energetic vibration. With the pure vibration of its purpose, it can help us align our energy bodies or the environments we live in with its own vibration. Not all crystals share the same vibration, so it is highly recommended that we learn to feel the crystals rather than simply take into account the described properties of a certain crystal. However, descriptions of crystals are certainly a good start to learn about them and to use their positive effects.

Even with energetic support, crystals can be used in different ways:

  • as jewelry,

  • as a water elixir,

  • as protection against unwanted vibrations,

  • as treatment or alignment with desired vibrations,

  • for the purpose of energizing and space cleaning,

  • for cosmetic preparations.

As I have already mentioned, we can use notes to help us understand a certain crystal, but it is even better to use our intuition because it will have a much greater effect.

We place the crystal into our left hand and cover it with our right hand. We place our hands in front of our heart center. In meditation, we connect with Gaia – Mother Earth and thank her for the crystal. Then we connect to the energy of the crystal and ask for its help in a given situation, for instructions, or to reveal its mission, and how it can help us.

It is recommended to clean the crystals before the first use and later to regularly clean them and feed their spirits. We can clean them in many different ways - each chooses the one closest to them at a given moment.

  • Almost all crystals can be washed under running clean water (with the exception of selenite, which is slightly soluble in water and may lose its shine if it is cut).

  • After cleaning them in water, the most common way to further clean the crystals is to place them out on a Full Moon.

  • After washing them, we can also place the crystals in the Sun (not for too long - just enough for them to bathe in the sun). Some crystals can begin to lose their color in the Sun (e.g. rose quartz, amethyst, celestine, ..) but not if they are placed in the sun once and a while.

  • We can also place the crystals on Earth after washing them. The Earth will absorb the accumulated energy and recharge them with their source energy because they came from the Earth. If we feel that crystals have accumulated a lot of negative energy, we can also bury them in the ground for a few days up to a few months.

  • After cleaning the crystals with water, apply spirit on them.

  • After cleaning the crystals with water, place them in a bowl of salt.

  • After cleaning the crystals with water, clean them energetically with meditation so that we can connect with their source energy and ask to recharge our crystal.

  • We can combine all the different ways mentioned above.

  • Some people program crystals for special purposes, others just ask them to connect to their source energy and act for the greater good.

I usually clean the crystals with water and put them on a towel and a sunbed for approx. half an hour (literally as if I were sunbathing;) myself - my favorite thing to do). After they have sufficiently sunbathed, I apply some spirit on them or just place a glass of it next to them.

Hereinafter I will introduce the basic characteristics of some crystals. There are supposed to be over 4.000 crystals on Earth and many more subspecies and various mixed structures. Every crystal is unique, just as every living thing is unique, and every crystal is ready to serve its purpose.


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