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Honesty and Passion

In order to successfully co-create prosperity on Earth and abundance of all kinds (material, spiritual, relationships, health...) in our lives, we must learn how to be unconditionally honest with ourselves. This honesty is important so that we can observe our feelings, our emotions, our pain, our thoughts, and last but not least, effectively use our intuition as a reward.

In the course of life's experiences, particularly the negative and painful ones, we have learned to deny our feelings because our environment demands it. ''Don't cry, boys don't cry!'', or: ''Don't be so serious, what will others think of you?'' and so on. These are the situations we have all witnessed to some extent. Like children who absorb everything like a sponge, we absorbed these lessons deep into our subconscious and soon followed them without anyone saying anything again. And if I can't show my sorrow or fear, why should I feel them? This is how emotions get numb. We are expected to act accordingly in this crazy world which feels like racing with increasing speed and never coming to an end. Sometimes we don't even feel the thirst, the cold, the itch of a mosquito bite, or the pain of new fashionable shoes. When emotions get numb, we fall out of touch with ourselves, with our bodies, and our souls.

Manifestation cannot happen without honesty and passion. Honesty with ourselves shows us what we really want, and passion gives us the drive, electricity to make the manifestation happen. Let us take a look at the below examples of what passion and honesty have in common.


Honesty with ourselves is extremely important when setting goals and manifesting them. We are all good people deep down. We all want to create, we want to be successful and happy. But are we always honest with ourselves?

Let's take plant-based and non-plant-based diets for example and look at them from the perspective of sympathy and love for animals. We all feel love and compassion for animals, but we still eat them. Are we truly honest with ourselves when as a result of our diet animals get killed?

The second case that shows dishonesty with ourselves is a story about a pupil who has a problem with teacher Marko. Teacher Marko is harassing the pupil. When we asked the pupil if he had any negative feelings towards the teacher, he claimed that he absolutely doesn't. So we suggested he close his eyes and imagine how any minute now Mr. Marko will walk through the door. The moment the pupil sees him, he should go to him and give him an honest hug. The child opened his eyes in a second and said: ''No way, I will never hug him!'' Here, we can clearly see how honest we are with ourselves.

Our mind and our ego have a subtle way of telling us to always be honest with ourselves. But are we? The most honest are our feelings and emotions. We must allow ourselves to really feel and recognize our emotions as this is the only way we can set the right goals and recognize limiting beliefs that block our manifestation.


We are not talking about sexual passion even though it is the same energy from the perspective of energy and source. Passion comes from a sacral chakra and energy-wise, sexual passion and passion we have for something are the same energies, it only depends on how we use it. The energy of the sacral chakra is creative energy, it is like the electricity that powers a light bulb or powers the engine to run. The more there is, the longer the light will shine or the stronger the engine will run.

Few examples related to passion:

  • we feel we need to write a song,

  • draw a picture,

  • plant the flowers and wait for them to bloom,

  • tidy up the office,

  • teach,

  • buy a car to visit a sick mother, take the kids to school, etc.

We need energy and passion for everything we create in life. Passion is the kind of thing that drives creation. Without it, nothing can happen. That is why we must do what truly pleases us and makes us happy, we must embody the roles we dream of and look into our feelings sincerely.


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