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Shakti dance ~ yoga dance

Shakti Dance® is the yoga of dance; a new yoga discipline that has formed as a creative fusion of kundalini yoga and a love of dancing. Its founder and teacher is Sara Avtar.

It is based on an in-depth knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and cosmology. In its form, it is a harmonious combination of flowing yoga asanas, energetic dance practices, and simple dance choreographies, free dancing, relaxation, mantra singing, and silent meditation. It is always associated with conscious breathing. But in its essence, it cultivates the free, organic, and creative expression of the inner being. It liberates body, mind, and emotions.

SHAKTI AND SHIVA, a complete pair

Shakti is everywhere: life energy all around us, everything that lives is pervaded with Shakti, has its rhythm and vibration. Shakti is the primordial creative energy of the soul. Through it, the universe manifests. All existence is inspired by her divine breath. Nature is the perfect example of a Great Woman. In each of us, there is a male and a female principle. Shiva and Shakti are universal energy in the universe. How much we nurture the Shakti principle in ourselves determines how ''alive'' we look. Either our eyes glow, our body is radiant or we look reserved (shut down/closed) and tired.

Every physical phenomenon oscillates, sings, and dances in its own way. Dancing permeates and is inseparable from the vibration of all life. The dance is transformed into yoga when we introduce the yoga consciousness in the dance, and the whole approach is focused on the state of the inner harmony of Shiva + Shakti.

When Shiva and Shakti merge into yogic oneness, we become aware of the awakened presence in the background of everything – this is our true nature. We realize that we are a creative and immortal being. So life flows through us with lightness in order to find its full radiant expression.


Shakti Dance® - the yoga of dance is a feminine form of practice.

Women's spiritual practices have never been static. They have created an opening to the flow of Shakti’s life energy. Opening yourself up as energy itself is the core of the female essence. That is why women are so close to expressing themselves through body and sensations: dancing, music, sensuality, nature... Women, we feel as love, we feel as light, we feel as if we are the life energy. We want to be felt and loved like a light. This is natural for us.


Everything we do in a Shakti Dance practice, we do it consciously, with awareness. The objective is therefore not more and even more, but how. The rhythm of movement and relaxation, of music and of silence joins into an atmosphere that invites us to a pleasant presence.

  • Flowing stretching asanas open up paths where vital energy flows. They regulate the flow of prana in meridians, nadis, and chakras. The body opens up and softens, the tension dissipates. Moving is always synchronized with breathing which soothes the mind. We take a break from the constant mental strain.

  • The energetic dance part increases the flow of vibrant energy. It expands the body's vital charge and thus our radiance.

  • In the free dance, we feel and follow the natural flow of Shakti. We listen to ourselves from within, with tenderness or boldness, but always with sincerity. We free and heal the accumulated tensions and inhibitions. We express ourselves naturally and simply.

  • In moments of relaxation, there is a healing process at deeper, more subtle levels.

Practice opens us to a peaceful, vigilant presence in space and time and to a life that flows smoothly and gracefully.

We get the experience of what it means to express the fullness of life. It connects us with the heartbeat of our soul.

In our inner place of silence, Shiva and Shakti consciousness merges.


Shakti Dance is a practice for everyone, but especially for the woman of today. Experience is not necessary because the practice of the yoga of dance awakens the body in its own way. There are no criteria, no comparison, and no need to achieve the goal set from the outside.

The Shakti Dance is a spiritual practice, and everyone directs its course by themselves. It gives us space and time. Unlike the "usual" forms of recharging, there is less here which is more at the same time. We are not in the future. We are here. In each breath, in every movement. The fullness and vibrancy at the end of a Shakti lesson is a tribute to the self love.


At the moment, Shakti dance~yoga of dance runs online. Everybody has a chance to join us. All you need is a mat, a place of privacy, and time you choose for yourself. You deserve, (at least) once a week, to be the first and the only one for yourself.

This is a sweet evening time when we enter our own space. Our own space and together in a group space.

We go in with who we are and we go in for what we need or want. Our tranquility. Our breath and our moment of freedom. To feel the relief. To feel ourselves. To relax.

This practice is for any woman who feels curiosity, attraction, excitement, or even fear. You don't have to be a yogi, you don't need to be extra flexible, you don't have to be spiritual. It is an experience of being in touch with yourself. Each in their own way. There are no rules about what this looks like, and there are plenty of 'side effects'. Among other things, a divine sensation in a physical body and the sweetest sleep afterward. And in the morning, a radiant face and pure joy flowing through your veins.


Nina Jenštrle

Is the personified grace. Tenderness. Fluidity.

She has an amazing gift of holding a place in the most powerful and also very demanding passages in a woman's life. She really creates a sacred place. Her presence is as soft as a fluffy pillow and as warm as a blanket.

I sense her as a very open person, always ready to accept the lessons of life. Even humbly in this capacity for eternal learning.

I admire her kindness. She is a master with words and also with silence. She has a strong connection with herself and the "higher". She reflects acceptance. Tolerance. Quirkiness. Unbreakable frailty, tender power. I see and appreciate her commitment to the Truth.

Nina about herself:

I am a mother of two daughters, a psychologist with an additional five-year study at a University for Spirituality.

Eleven years ago, I decided I wanted to be and work as a birth doula. A pioneer path in Slovenia. I attended many courses and got an international birth doula certificate.

Over the years, I've followed a lot of couples as a doula and helped them to have a respectful and fulfilling birth. A birth where a woman glows in her power and where the little babies don't cry after being born but are relieved in peace when they have just won their greatest victory in life. I wanted to share the growing knowledge and, above all, the experience of accompanying births more widely. A program was created called Preparation For a Beautiful Birth, it is designed holistically for future parents. I combine the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and entry into parenthood. The Program is a gem, and I'm very proud of it!

I also run ceremonial circles. One of them is Blessingway for a pregnant woman who is preparing for birth together with her child. The second ritual is called The Closing of Bones, intended for women after birth as a conclusion of their rebirth as a mother.

Ceremonial female circles are strong living mandalas. Like an alchemical vessel where transformation processes take place. They echo long after the cycle takes place.

In parallel to all this, I have been looking into a number of different courses for nurturing female energy. Dancing, yoga, meditation, female cyclicality, sensuality. I found a “perfect” yoga practice for women and became a Shakti Dance yoga teacher. A truly magical practice.


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