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Have you ever felt your batteries recharged or how you eased your burdens after you have been lying in the grass or on the beach? Maybe you were more mindful, and you were finally able to breathe with ease and feel yourself - here and now.

What is happening to our body when it is in direct contact with earth?

In today's world we are constantly exposed to harmful substances that enter our body through our skin and the choice of our diet, such as heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals. These, in addition to day-to-day stress and the factors we have no or little control over (air pollution, harmful radiation, the quality of our water), trigger the formation of free radicals, which cause inflammation and are important factors in age acceleration, weakening of the immune system, and formation of pathologically modified cells.

When the flow of (negatively charged) electrons from earth to the body was documented, it was noticed that these electrons neutralize (positively charged electrons) free radicals in our body and subsequently reduce inflammation. Connection to earth has a direct impact on our well-being and the physiology of our body, as us, humans, are an excellent conductor due to the high content of water in combination with minerals. In addition to improving blood circulation and controlling blood pressure, earthing has been shown to have a positive impact on reducing the pain, helping with rapid wound healing, oxidative stress relief, and with calmer sleep. Walking barefoot is also highly recommended to people with various autoimmune, degenerative or other chronic diseases caused by inflammations, as the effect inside of the body is seen quickly (white blood cells, neutrophils, cytokines, etc. are being regulated and these are indicative of inflammatory response).

Grounding fills us with healing antioxidant effects, which are, besides raising our energy and making us feel better, also seen on our skin. This was shown in a study carried out by the Journal of Cosmetics, since, after an hour of direct contact with earth, blood circulation in our face increases and skin connective tissue improves.

Let us also mention the energy aspect, because everyone is familiar with massaging the reflex points on our feet (reflexology) which boosts and regulates the energy flow through the whole body and through individual organs. Therefore, we need to walk barefoot in nature as often as possible and give ourselves this accessible and free natural massage to support our body with natural course of circadian rhythm, rhythm of day and night, and with regulation of our autonomic nervous system.

So, let's electrify our bodies with direct contact with Mother Earth and synchronize with her unlimited frequency.

Simple Aphrodite's health suggestions:

  • Place your hands on the ground in contact with the earth

  • Take a barefoot walk

  • Lie down on the grass or on a sandy beach

Enjoy and Recharge!

For more detailed research we recommend:

Ober. Earth: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! (2010)

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