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Energy systems of the human body

Human body energy systems are not something new. They have been observed, drawn, located, and understood thousands of years ago. In fact, it is your energy system that governs your physical body. It holds the blueprint of your physical health, your resilience, your radiance, and your ability to adjust to life’s path (Prune Harris).

Taoism and Inner Alchemy

The Taoist masters were, five thousand years ago, exploring different paths that would bring them longevity and happiness. The methods were distinguished by "External Alchemy" which included magical drinks, crystals, the essence of crystals, rosary essences, etc. and “Inner Alchemy" found in the constant search for an unlimited source of energy. When they started focusing on the inside, they realized that the inner universe was identical to the outer universe. They knew that the outer universe holds great power and that individual's inner universe could be powered from that energy source if they could find a way to connect them. They were lead to believe that the right way for achieving control over their internal universe, which they perceived as a life force or Chi, is a microcosmic orbit. This orbit, which runs up the spine and through the front side of the body down, connects three bodies: physical, mental, and spiritual and it links an individual to one immortal body.

The Taoists distinguished between the three natural links of the external and internal universe:

  • Universal or Source Energy

  • Cosmic Particle Energy or Energy of Human Origin

  • Earth Energy

Together, these three energies represent the forces of the Sky, Human, and Earth, acting in harmony for all existence. The Taoists called them The Three Pure Ones, three emperors, located in three palaces, and they are managing the development of three bodies - physical, mental (or energetic), and spiritual.

Human cells are able to absorb and consume 90% of the Cosmic Energy and light they are exposed to. However, Tao points out that the cells are weakening their ability to consume and absorb energy to only 5% to 10% when we start using and losing our sexual energy. In contrast, all vegetation keeps the ability to consume and absorb the Cosmic Energy and light at 80%. It complements the remaining 20% with food, water, and nutrients. Because our cells are incapable of fully embracing life energy due to the contemporary way of living, we depend on plants and minerals that pre-digest Universal Energy which they effectively absorb themselves.

Metaphysical Meaning of the Body

Our body is a unique mechanism with its legality and processes. It is much more than just a shell made of limbs and organs. All earthly and celestial energies flow through it and in order to have control and better health, we need to know that our body is more than just an instrument of physical existence. Our body is a microcosm, which doesn't mean it is just a part of the universe, it is a real miniature universe.

People respond to all energies that surround us: everything we consume (food, air, drink, etc.) and energies which we are exposed to (relations, environment, sounds, etc.). Our body is an energy resonator and a monitor. It has the ability to resonate with virtually all forms of energy. In its optimal condition, it has a natural ability to stop negative effects before they can develop into diseases.

New Times, New Approaches

"Everything is energy" A. Einstein.

Discovering of ever smaller and smaller particles poses a question among scientists about the existence of matter: Is matter actually made out of particles? What they have discovered is more similar to strings of quivering energy.

Our bodies vibrate; organs, tissues, molecules, atoms, electrons; everything is permeated by vibrating energy. The vibrations occur when energy and data are moving through the connective tissues that surround us. And it is the energy of these vibrations that most determines their character and function.

Each energy system has a different vibration and pattern of movement, but they nevertheless harmonically coincide with the human energy system, which is mutually handing over the information and this modifies the energy circulation and patterns.

Lifeforce Energy

While physics separates energy from kinetic, thermal, chemical, and nuclear, the body's energies are best described as the body's electrical energy, electromagnetic energy, and subtle energy.

Each cell in the body stores energy like a miniature battery. Each breath, movement, and digestion of food involves electrical activity, and wherever energy moves, electromagnetic fields arise.

We are familiar with subtle energies because of their effects, but we don't have any apparatus that can directly detect them. Most of the energy systems in the human body are intertwined with electrical, electromagnetic, and subtle energies. If we take chakras as an example, we can measure them with electromagnetic frequency from which a sensitive person can also read other data such as memories and traumas. Therefore, it is also a more subtle type of energy that transmits data.

Under ideal conditions, where we drink pure water, breathe clean air, eat safe, fresh food, and live a fulfilled, stress-free life, energy systems support our body, provide for a smooth functioning of the body system, balance the hormones, and raise our mental awareness. We live in times far removed from the ideal, and the evolution of our physical and energy systems is lagging behind in a race for our health.

9 Energy Systems

Because not all energy systems can be ''measured'' and as such scientifically proven, they do not have common names, but their descriptions can be found in old records such as the above-mentioned Taoism.

The terms we used in this post come from Energy Medicine, the foundations of Donna Eden and dr. David Feinstein. Donna's gift is to see as many as 9 energy systems within the human body:



  3. AURA







Energy Medicine

”In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.’’ Albert Szent-Goyorgyi, MD Nobel Laureate in Medicine

Energy medicine is one of the five areas of complementary or alternative medicine defined by the US National Health Institute (NHI).

The ability to see the energy and work with it is innate. In technological cultures where we don't talk about subtle energies, and we don't nurture that ability, it weakens by the age of two. However, anyone can learn to consciously work with the body's energies.

Each person's hand carries a measurable electromagnetic charge, and if we use it to follow certain energy pathways, we modify and regulate physical energy. These techniques are also suitable for implementation at home as a form of self-help.

Energy medicine regulates biological processes, thereby ensuring health through rapid and non-invasive procedures. Since it touches biological processes at their energy foundations, it can therefore affect the entire spectrum of physical conditions. Because it strengthens the body of mind and spirit, in addition to healing, we feel better, have greater peace of mind, and passion for life.

Our body is amazing and incredible in every way. The potential that each individual has inside them allows us to heal ourselves, heal others, and heal the planet. Awareness and trust are the first steps that allow for personal change. Everything is energy - personal energy, earth energy, celestial energy - everything is intertwining and connecting us to one universe. And those who work to heal their energies and raise their own vibrations, contribute to the common energetic universe from which energy returns and heals the entire planet.

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