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Chakra: Root Chakra

Source: Africa, Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Morocco, United States of America

Composition: a microcrystalline variety of Quartz. Silicon dioxide (SiO2).

Agate is a healing crystal that grounds, nourishes, and protects. Its power lies in balancing the flow of life energy in the root chakra and female and male energy in the whole body.

It is a diverse crystal with calming properties that last for a long time, and it provides protection during times of stress. It has been known in the past as a warrior stone because it encourages safety, strength, and courage. Therefore, it is a perfect stone for those who travel a lot and spend a lot of time in traffic. It also encourages a sense of connection with the earth.

Psychologically, it builds confidence, helps with inspiration, and encourages the expression of thoughts and ideas. Its soothing properties encourage a positive attitude and acceptance of life - we fully value it in all its forms.

Mentally, it improves memory and concentration, promotes analytical thinking and practical solutions. It helps us to see things more fully and clearly, from a broader perspective.

Emotionally, it is supportive in overcoming stress as it encourages feelings of love, security, and acceptance. It gives us courage and releases internal tensions that arise from negativity and emotional blockages. When placed on the chest, it opens the heart and our acceptance of love.

Spiritually, it raises consciousness and supports spiritual stability and growth. As it transforms negative energy and cleanses, strengthens, and regulates our energy field, it encourages us to adopt life experiences more smoothly and to see their blessings.

Physically, it supports our health:

  • it helps with better digestion (also relieves problems with gastritis and reflux),

  • protects and heals the uterus (also recommended for pregnant women),

  • strengthens the blood vessels,

  • protects kidneys,

  • purifies lymphatic system and pancreas,

  • helps with skin problems,

  • protects the eyes,

  • improves sleep,

  • prevents epilepsy in children.


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