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January and 2021

The astrological monthly is prepared for you by Gaia Asta.

Saturn will rule in 2021

As we know, Saturn's nature is precise, determined, uncompromising. Saturn is a teacher, and it will help us to take many important steps. The year of Saturn means less is more. We must be precise, deliberate, and modest in our actions. Since Saturn is a social planet, we can expect the greatest changes in the social sphere. I believe we can expect changes for the better because Saturn travels through Aquarius, which, on the one hand, limits everything that is conservative, and on the other hand, it protects all of the environmental and humanitarian projects. Saturn can help make society more responsible especially in relation to the environment. I also believe that Saturn will move most of the world politics towards peaceful centrism. This will be the best thing that can happen after years of extremes.

There are two powerful and important eclipses happening, the 5/26 Lunar eclipse and 6/10 Solar eclipse. The next period of eclipses will happen in a distant November and December, so I am not going to deal with them specifically now. Two very important eclipses in May and June will have a strong impact that will affect an entire decade. Eclipse in Gemini brings about changes in science, communication, education, trade, transport... May energies will show what are the guidelines of this decade and in what areas we can see the greatest growth potential.

Mercury will travel in retrograde in February, June, and October. During those times, I advise against taking any new business steps. This is the time to repair and renew projects, to renew arrangements, and in particular, for the inventory, balance sheets, and audits.

In 2021 we enter a period of great social changes required by this new era.

The new era is a strong rise in the consciousness of the individual and the entire society. It requires responsible behavior towards nature and all living beings, as well as to the so-called inanimate nature, natural resources, and habitats. The responsibility of the individual controls and shapes lives, as well as respect for diversity and other living beings. At least in the initial phase, we consider the new era to have highly developed democracy or horizontal governance. In the development of politics, the party system will lose its importance before the laws of reducing harmful effects on the environment. That means that the environmental policy will be increasingly at the forefront.

Major changes will happen on a personal level, there will be more personal freedom and personal responsibility. The system will not fail, but it will change with the help of responsible individuals in the role of leaders. Mankind will move forward in a positive direction.

At an individual level, 2021 will be important for learning, studying, and spiritual development.


We have entered a period of positive social change opened by Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction with Aquarius in December.

The planets have also brought a solution to the pandemic, a vaccine that will finally enable us to live normally again.

New Moon, on January 31, the Sun conjunct Pluto. These energies are quite fatal and transformative, not in terms of destruction, but in terms of the new world already setting its foundations. In January, the position of the planets will tell us everything that we worked for within ourselves in 2020, and all will increasingly manifest in 2021. The future is bright.

After the New Moon, all planets will be direct which is an excellent time to start with something new, to begin with new projects, make new deals, sign new contracts. All collaborations in this period will have an extremely good impulse of growth.

Full Moon on January 28 will ground the energies. Venus conjunct Pluto aspect is strong. We can expect violence and terrorism around the world by people outside of the pillar who are overwhelmed by fear. While all those inside of the pillar will be able to strengthen that energy.

The Sun and Jupiter are also conjunct along with the Full Moon which will enhance all the good and bad energies. We will see positive changes on the outside and the changes will become more definite.

Energies of the Full Moon will launch in 2021 in a completely new direction, different from 2020. If we said that things have collapsed in 2020, they will start to consciously change in 2021. In addition to the downfall of many things, new and more humane ideas will emerge.

On January 8, Mercury will enter Aquarius and Venus will enter Capricorn. That's when the change comes in a positive sense, that is, in terms of leadership and technologies.

At the end of the month, on January 31, Mercury will turn into retrograde motion and it will travel in retrograde until February 21.


Friday, January 1

The Moon will be in social Leo and Mercury sextile Neptune. It is going to be a beautiful and creative day. If you will have a conversation with someone, this conversation will tend to be very interesting and deep.

Saturday, January 2

The Moon in Leo will be in beautiful aspects, in trigon with Venus and Mars. Today, expect love aspects that create harmony between couples and friends, expect a romantic mood.

Sunday, January 3

The Moon will enter Virgo. A good day for good food. The Moon trigon Uranus brings great ideas. The energy will be good, use it for entertainment and socializing as much as it is possible in these times.

Monday, January 4

The Moon in hardworking Virgo will be in opposition with Neptune before 11 am, hold your meetings until noon.

From 12 pm on, the Moon trigon Mercury, a wonderful time for meetings, talks, and project management.

Mercury in Capricorn is entering conjunction with Pluto, you will feel something fatal, and people will be more sensitive in the evening.

Tuesday, January 5

The Moon will be in social Libra, communication will be good. Today is suitable for arranging official and legal matters. The moon trigon Saturn and Jupiter.

Wednesday, January 6 The last Crescent Moon at 10:40

The Moon in Libra, square with the Sun. The dynamic energy of the last crescent Moon will tell us what else is necessary to do. You will have plenty of work and coordination today.

Thursday, January 7

The Moon will enter Scorpio and irritate us quite a bit. In the morning, the Moon will be in opposition with Mars, later the Moon square Jupiter and Saturn, in the evening the Moon opposition Uranus. Today will be difficult, we will feel blockages in the morning, then unforeseeable events might happen, and we still won't be able to solve things. It is a bad day for business, also be careful in traffic.

Friday, January 8

Two planets are changing their sign today. Positive changes are coming (like I've already mentioned in the introduction). Mercury will enter Aquarius, changes in the area of communication are coming, and many businesses will get a new drive today with optimistic energy in the air. Mercury in Aquarius will be strong for the rest of the month.

Saturday, January 9

In the morning, we will still feel aspects of the previous day, but by the early afternoon, the Moon will enter optimistic Sagittarius. There's lively communication opening up, beautiful aspects will join everything together. Today will open many opportunities, so pay attention.

Sunday, January 10

The Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune, Mercury conjunct Saturn. The day will bring important decisions, communication will be difficult, many will be prone to conflict, so communicate kindly. Today is suitable for meditation and vitamin drinks.

Monday, January 11

Descending Moon will be neutral until 2:30 pm. Don't schedule any important meetings until after 2:30 pm. That's when the moon enters Capricorn, trigon Mars and conjunct Venus. There will also be good energy for legal matters, communication will be effective. Mercury conjunct Jupiter, a great afternoon for business.

Tuesday, January 12

The Moon will be in Capricorn the day before the New Moon, sextile Uranus, Mercury square Uranus. Unpredictable events, plans will need to be changed. Caution in traffic is also advised.

Wednesday, January 13 The New Moon at 6 am

The New Moon signifies transformation. It takes place in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto, Mars square Saturn and travels towards Uranus. The New Moon marks protests and transformation. However I look at it, the changes will be positive, apart from extreme groups causing trouble. Today is not suitable for work, for any important things or decisions because they will show up anyway sooner or later. The Sun travels towards Pluto.

Thursday, January 14

The Moon in Aquarius will be in good aspects in the morning, so start the day as early as possible. The Sun and Pluto are at the same degree. This indicates strong social developments. On a personal level, strong energy is suitable for transformation and meditation.

Friday, January 15

The Moon will be neutral all day, there are no negative influences, nothing important can happen or finish.

Saturday, January 16

The growing Moon in Pisces with very beautiful aspects, sextile Uranus and Venus. You can see new possibilities that cannot be left out. All planets are direct, it is a good time to take new steps.

Sunday, January 17

The Moon in Pisces will reach Neptune. Good day for rest, take care of your health, the immune system is weak today.

Monday, January 18

The Moon will enter energetic Aries, strong and bright energies will bring positive news. A great day for signing long-term contracts and for legal and official affairs. The Moon sextile Saturn and Jupiter.

Tuesday, January 19

The Moon in Aries will continue bringing bright, strong, and penetrating energies. Sextile with Mercury will create a platform for excellent communication. Today is suitable for quality agreements and talks. All astrological paths are open, all planets are direct.

Wednesday, January 20 First Crescent Moon

The Moon is neutral, Mars conjunct Uranus. Dangerous aspect, accidents can easily happen. Be careful, unpredictable events can change plans.

Thursday, January 21

The growing Moon in Taurus in the morning in strong conjunction with Uranus and Mars. You will still feel the energy that requires vigilance. Don't make any rash decisions, you'll have to adapt your plans.

The afternoon brings solutions, energies will open, the day will be perfect for all areas and the astrological sky will be in your favor again.

Friday, January 22

The Moon in Taurus will help with concrete matters. You need to be careful that certain things won't upset you. The Moon is coming into a square with Mercury, there will be a lot of communication. I suggest that you don't pay too much attention to the little things, but to be more lenient and open.

Saturday, January 23

The Moon will enter communicative Gemini, but only after 10 am, energies will be good for communication and other activities. The astrological sky is favorable.

Sunday, January 24

The Sun conjunct Saturn. This aspect brings cooling temperatures and it is a good day to rest because there will be a lot of confusion in the air. The Moon square Neptune.

Monday, January 25

The Moon in Gemini. In the morning, the energy is still good for communication and business, in the afternoon, the Moon will be neutral and nothing important can happen.

Tuesday, January 26

The Moon will be in Cancer, this brings good energies, otherwise extremely dynamic. The Sun square Uranus. It is good to harness your energy because the Moon is growing and Mercury is direct. Even if it looks like things are blocking up, it is still good to be persistent.

Wednesday, January 27

The Moon in Cancer and a bad day with bad aspects with pessimistic energies in the air (opposition of Venus and Pluto). The day is not suitable to do business or to make decisions, don't try to force it.

Thursday, January 28 Full Moon

Full Moon with the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius. I advise you to use the Full Moon's energy for meditation and new visions. Sometimes difficult decisions require good reflection. Venus and Pluto will be conjunct. This Full Moon is a great teacher and even the Sun conjunct Jupiter, energies will be extremely bright, and the presence of the higher world will be powerful.

Friday, January 29

Aspect the Sun conjunct Jupiter is still strong today. This is a happy day, great for realization, purchases, or sales. Morning time is good for business, but take time for yourself in the afternoon.

Saturday, January 30

The Moon in Virgo trigon Uranus. A great aspect. This day of healers will show what you need to change in order to be more successful and to cooperate better. A warning; Mercury is stationary and this is not a good time to take new steps.

Sunday, January 31

Today, Mercury is turning into a retrograde motion and a period of sorting past things out begins. It's going to be a chaotic day, so spend it in peace because now you will have a whole month to sort things out.


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