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Co-creation of our reality

We use the concept of co-creation when we consciously and responsibly create our life in coexistence with other living creatures, nature, spirits, guides, beings of unity and light, God... In one word: with the entire Universe.

In the last decades, we can repeatedly hear words like manifestation, the law of attraction, or the law of abundance. These concepts have become obsolete for the creation of exclusively materialistic and egoistic wishes. Creating personal wealth and materialistic secular objects is not at all controversial bearing in mind that we have come to Earth with our mission which encompasses much more and also directs our creative energy into the creation and fulfillment of this purpose. The service of our mission leads us to co-creation of prosperity on Earth, so co-creation as an upgrade to manifestation itself gets much greater support from all-powerful forces of the Universe.

On the basis of unconditional trust which is not torn down by conscious and subconscious blockages, we are capable of co-creating what our heart desires and is conceivable to our mind. We can create material, secular, emotional, medical objects, events, or conditions.

We have to realize that people create everything that is happening to us all the time, we create things and conditions we like, the ones we don't like, or the ones we want to avoid. These last ones, in particular, are driven by the limiting beliefs in our subconscious, and I will continue to write about them in the following posts. When we take full responsibility for everything that happens to us in our lives, only then does co-creation get a foundation on which we can build.

The only really important rule in co-creation is that the objective must be positive and ethical throughout the Universe. In the Universe as on Earth, we can apply Newton's third law of motion: action-reaction. At the energy level, we can also call it the law of karma. Therefore, what we are going to give we will get back. If our objective, which we want to co-create, is to have a negative impact on others, we can expect that such a wave of energy will come back very quickly in some form. It is also unethical to manifest for other people who have free will or objects currently owned by someone else. But we can, for example, make it our goal to have the same object and describe it in detail in the description of our goal.

Hereinafter, I will describe a method or technique of co-creation, and I would like to say in the beginning that no matter how simple the technique is, it requires a tremendous amount of practice and testing because it is extremely difficult to describe the feelings that emerge with co-creation in words. With practice and observation, you will most likely develop a version of the provided technique that will be the same in its core but words might describe it differently.

In this first post, I would also like to share my story of learning how to co-create:

I have come across the term manifestation as conscious creation in 2006 and immediately began to practice it. First, I practiced manifestation of small goals like manifesting an empty parking space in a busy part of town, manifesting a certain product when I went to a shop, eliminating a headache, positive atmosphere during meetings. I have tested the latter in particular. What happens if I don't manifest - what is the difference in the energy of the atmosphere in a conference room. In the beginning, I have also manifested results of various open questions in upcoming meetings but then I realized this is not exactly ethical because I can influence other participants and therefore I preferred open, constructive, and positive answers leading to a coordinated objective.

When I began to feel the difference between ''letting go'' and ''clinging to'' a specific goal (I will write further about this), I began to manifest larger goals. I also manifested the weather, and this also miraculously worked – it has often happened that bad weather has been far and wide, and my manifestation has worked for me as I wished. I also figured out it is not very ethical to manifest weather, to go above and beyond the forces of our loving mother Nature and I have not been manifesting the weather for many years but I think to myself: ''Let the weather be as it is, but my modest wish is for the weather to be sunny.'' At the end of the day, plants need water to grow with the same right to life as we have.

I have been realizing what is a sincere passion that gives the manifestation the greatest energy to be realized. I have manifested the goals that people around me have told me are impossible – and I have found them conceivable. At first, I manifested as I was taught, but then I tested my versions and began to understand the point.

Responsibility for everything that was happening to me was crucial. No more finger-pointing. We can still sometimes feel like victims of injustice. In such cases, we first need to accept the situation and then ask ourselves: ''Why is this happening to me? What have I done to cause this?'' Less than two years later, I started teaching manifestation, all in order to learn even more on my own. I've learned to recognize limiting beliefs and replace them with positive ones. If I'm being honest, in the whole miracle of life limiting beliefs and trauma are two of the most challenging things. We inherit them, carry them from our past lives, or we face them in this life. To free them from being trapped in our body and soul, to live in inner peace and interconnected with all that is, is a basic and only condition for the co-creation to be complete. I know and I believe that we are on this Earth with the purpose to experience it and live a fulfilling life. Life is what we call the path to there. The ascended master Saint Germain says it takes normally 3 - 4 lives to get there and if we are incredibly fast and devoted, we only need 10 - 15 years.

In 2009, my husband felt a strong call to implement sustainable projects that would protect the Earth from unjustified exploitation of resources and the pollution that people are causing by their existence and behavior. He figured out that in South-Eastern Europe, where my family and I lived at the time, it would not be possible to obtain sufficient non-profit funds to be able to implement such projects freely. He decided to set up a company, to make €100 million in 7 years and then to co-create non-profit environmental projects. Along with six of his former associates, he invited me to participate as well. Since the purpose was so noble, I accepted the invitation. Shortly after the start of the project, we have made a great manifestation, to which I can say today with certainty that it was co-creation, as the ultimate purpose was much more than material abundance even though we did not yet know at the time what our environmental projects would be like. Our co-creation has made $1 billion in exactly seven years, with which we are now creating conditions for a more sustainable life for all living beings on Earth. A lot of people are going to ask: why almost 10 times more? Because we had such strong support from the entire Universe (spirits and guides) for a purpose that was aimed at service. Service to life and our mission. Seven years of co-creation at Outfit7 passed in hard work, in implementations of many minor manifestations, difficult moments, and also failed projects that were the seed of learning, but the aim was great. No matter how big of a goal we set in co-creation, we must also do the physical work. Although the outcome may seem miraculous, it can always be explained rationally. If nothing else, someone will say it was luck.

The following posts describe (or are still in writing) the co-creation technique and many related topics that help to understand and learn how to co-create:


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