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How to Write a Manifestation

Everything that happens in our lives we manifest ourselves no matter if we write things down or not. There is no need to write a manifestation, but there are two reasons why it is better if we do.

  1. By writing a manifestation, we clearly define our goals.

  2. 30% of the manifestation is thinking about something, 50% is when we speak about it, 70% is writing it down, and 90% is visualization. Therefore, it is best to set goals, write them down, and then visualize them in meditation.

How do we write a manifestation?

We write manifestations in the present tense, and we always begin with using the words I am thankful, or I command it.

Let us look at some examples:

  • I am thankful that...

  • I am thankful for making “it” happen...

  • I am thankful for having...

  • I am thankful for “this” in my life,

  • I am thankful for my relationship with my “person” which is...

  • I am thankful for the meeting to have “such” an outcome,

  • I command that...

It is not wrong to command because we command something to our energies, we command it to ourselves and the energies that serve us. This is a command connected to heart energy and not a compulsory command.

We can type the manifestation on our computer, but it is better to handwrite it with a pencil because when writing by hand, the connection between the hand and the brain creates a special kind of kinesthetic bond that affects the brain function.

We write it on beautiful paper, and we may even draw something. We clearly define our goals, add a date, and signature. We can also write a manifestation in the form of a letter to the creator, angels, energies we work with, we thank it and hand it over to the Universe. After we write the manifestation, we start to meditate and visualize everything we wrote. Finally, we always end with the thought for my sake and for the greater good.

Then we put our manifestation in a special place, in a box, in a wallet, on the altar, or tie it with a red ribbon, which is the color of grounding and manifestation. We may also place the manifestation under a crystal. Good crystals for manifestation are citrine, peridot, sunstone, and golden topaz. They help us remove the blockages easily, but it is up to us to sense and release them.

When the manifestation comes true, we thank the energies for helping us achieve our goal. Then we burn the manifestation and place the ashes in the river or the sea to show respect for the energies and ourselves.

When manifesting, the most important thing is that we have a good energy flow, that we clearly set the goals, and remove any blockages.


"The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not necessarily reflect the views of Login5 Aphrodite Limited."


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