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Limiting Beliefs

We can block our manifestation or the goal we want to achieve only by ourselves.

If we follow the ''technique'' we have already spoken about, we should pay attention to:

  • Our manifestation is ethical - we do not manifest for others, we do not manifest the property of others, and we don't negatively affect others. Manifestation must be positive.

  • We clearly define conceivable goals (they must be conceivable, and if they are not, it is better we start with smaller goals and gradually increase them).

  • We have a strong passion to achieve our goals.

  • We are ready for action.

  • In deep meditation, we take a look at our feelings when the goal is achieved. In case our feelings are bad, we can cleanse and free them.

The whole Universe is working for us to achieve our goal. Although sometimes the goal does not manifest.

There are two possible reasons:

  • our energy flow is not strong enough to let the energy we need ground the idea or goal through us (sometimes, this can be our physical strength, and our body cannot handle this energy),

  • we have limiting beliefs.

Our beliefs are vital, both conscious and subconscious because we can block our manifestation with limiting beliefs.

I can do it, I am worthy, I am loved, I am accepted, I am safe are all positive beliefs that, despite awareness, can differ from subconscious ones which can be negative.

For example, our conscious belief is I am accepted, but our subconscious belief can be just the opposite, I am not accepted. The fact that we persuaded ourselves mentally, doesn't necessarily work because our subconscious is stronger and constantly working, not only when we consciously think of something.

Where do we get limiting beliefs?

Traumas and negative experiences, especially in our childhood, consolidate our limiting beliefs, although we do not get them at the time. Because we get emotionally hurt by a certain situation, it only points to the wound, but our soul wishes to release this belief, it wishes to heal.

We create everything that happens in our lives, even painful experiences and traumas. We create these based on conscious and subconscious beliefs.

If we believe that something will happen, it will happen.

If the belief is subconscious and we are not even aware of it, it will still happen. Subconscious beliefs are usually stronger than conscious ones.

We are born with limiting beliefs. We inherit them from our ancestors and from our past lives. Negative experiences and trauma that happen to us only confirm these beliefs - they give our subconscious a confirmation that feelings are true. Such inherited beliefs with added trauma only strengthen these beliefs until we decide, consciously or subconsciously, that we want to change our beliefs because limiting beliefs block our energetic flow.

Let's take a look at the math of inheritance: We have two parents, so we inherit after both of them, we have four grandparents, so we inherit after all four of them, in the sixth ancestor line this means 256 ancestors, in the eight 1.024 ancestors and so on.

Our spirit wants us to free ourselves from limiting beliefs so we can be free, happy, and so that we can co-create.

Years ago, I was reading holy scriptures where Jesus Christ spoke of how we came to earth with two to three knots that we are supposed to feel and liberate ourselves from in our lives. Planet Earth is supposed to be the only place in the Universe where this is actually possible. And our soul wants that experience, as well as the experience of liberation because, with it, it grows to a higher spiritual level.

How can we free ourselves from limiting beliefs?

There are many techniques, ways, and paths, in fact, there are as many as people - everyone has their own path and everyone is responsible for choosing their own path. There is no single and correct way.

  • One option is to do nothing. Then our life itself guides us through different trials, painful and pleasant, and even a little bit of it can liberate us. That is why we exist on Earth. This part of liberation takes place in the subconscious and it is, therefore, a long and painful process because painful experiences are repeated. This includes various pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. antidepressants) that only weaken the feeling so that we don't feel emotional pain, and in reality, we are not really being treated. I am not saying that no one should take them - they should be seen as a temporary prop on the way to healing.

  • We make a conscious decision and start working on self-healing and personal liberation. We can take vehicles as a metaphor; it depends on us if we are going to walk the path of growth, ride a bicycle, or fly in a rocket.

How can the gifts of Mother Earth help us?

  • Crystals are the most basic form because they come directly from the heart of the Earth. They are like allies or assistants helping us clean the blockages and limiting beliefs that prevent us from manifesting our goals. Healing increases energy flow. We shouldn't think that if we keep a crystal close, we will get rich, or if we keep a rose quarts close, we will meet a loving man. The crystals help us clear the blockages. Here, we can also mention strong bio-energetic points that we can visit to fill ourselves up with energy and get the necessary healing strength.

  • Walks in nature, in the woods, visiting natural streams, waterfalls, swimming in crystal clear water, swimming in the ocean - these things are also very important. For example, sea salt has powerful healing effects.

  • It's the same with plants, herbs, and the food we eat - each can be a cure or a poison for our bodies and for our emotions. Plants also operate at different levels and with different strengths. Let me list just a few approaches: essential oils (aroma therapy), tea, Bach drops, homeopathic preparations, sacred medicine.

  • Meditation is a very powerful tool for awareness and self-healing. It is essential to meditate for at least 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening just like brushing our teeth. To be aware and to heal, we need to meditate for at least one hour in the morning and in the evening. There are many meditation techniques, and we need to find the right one for us. We calm down and lower the frequency of brain waves with meditation. If we lower it enough, between 4 - 7 HZ (theta brain wave), we get into a state of absolute truth and unconditional love. And then the liberation can begin. Similarly, various breathing techniques, yoga, massages, Tai Chi can be helpful.

  • Art - admiration, watching, listening, or even creating it, is one of the most non-invasive techniques of personal liberation. Positive, colorful, and coherent artwork is the most healing. Negative, dark art can draw us into darkness and not necessarily into healing. We must be aware that artists are gentle and sentient beings, and they can bring supporting energy through their expression here on earth, or they can heal their pain through artistic expression. Examples of supporting techniques: sound baths (gong, singing bowls, flutes, drums, kalimba...), holy mantras and icaros which were made for the purpose of healing, books (not only manuals for personal growth but also novels and poetry).

If we want to be successful when practicing awareness and healing by ourselves, we need to be brutally honest with ourselves because only then we can detect our real emotions. If we are not honest with ourselves, the healing won't work. Sometimes, the technique itself (as described above) can heal some trauma and limiting belief, but otherwise, we need to be aware of the pain, we need to feel the pain of the moment, accept it and release it.

This is only possible if we truly acknowledge our feelings and realize that the source is internal pain and not some external factor.

On the way to awareness, healing, and liberation we need someone to guide us through the process.

Which therapist, counselor, healer, or teacher is the one?

The choice of our therapist is completely our own and our responsibility. The techniques and tools that therapists use can differ greatly, and we could use the metaphor of vehicles again. We need to be aware that we always find a therapist that is the most suitable for us in the given moment. The more honest our intention for liberation is, the better therapist we will get.

When do we start healing our limiting beliefs and trauma?

When the pain arrives, otherwise it's better to rejoice, love, and create. But when it starts to hurt, the pain is real enough for us to become aware of it, to accept it, to look at its source and free it. Some people try to liberate everything at once and immediately. But this is not how this goes - the law of the Universe ;).

This is a process that goes on for the rest of our lives. With each successful healing, life is easier and more joyful. We become more aware. We begin to realize that any new pain that emerges is only something we need to let go of. When we become ''masters'' of acceptance and release, we experience this process as observers, with joy and gratitude, without drama.

And if we are not aware of the pain when it occurs, the pain disappears and later reappears again, usually stronger than before. This cycle repeats itself until the pain gets stronger and stronger and we must decide on a form of treatment. We can choose one of the treatments described above, or we can choose drugs (as I have already mentioned, they don't treat but push everything back inside).

Astrology can also help us decide when to start cleansing and healing, and it is of great help when we learn how to be aware. A personal astral chart tells us what kind of aspect we are in, what part of our limiting beliefs, and what kind of trauma has the greatest support for healing. Then we can easily become aware and start healing our beliefs and traumas that cause us the most trouble (partnership, family relations, job, physical well-being - organs...).

Ego is the one fighting the healing process. Not because it is our enemy, but because it is our guardian. But because our ego is bruised and its greatest advisor is our subconscious with strong convictions, our ego sees any change as new. And it always raises its hand saying: ''No, I don't want change. Who knows what is going to happen?'' And even if we consciously know it is good for us and nothing bad can happen to us, the ego is usually much stronger and finds all the impossible excuses to protect us from change - healing. When we heal our subconscious, we heal the ego, the greatest advisor of our subconscious, and suddenly we begin to understand its primary role.


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